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    Complete our questionnaire

    Our quick questionnaire compiles your key data to compare against hundreds of insurance quotes from reputable insurance brokers across Ontario.

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    Let us find your best match

    In minutes, our system gathers the most relevant insurance quotes to provide you with the most suitable policy for your budget.

  • Find the best rate, review your policy and purchase

    That’s it — you’re covered. Once you find the best rate, give it a read-through and buy it online in a minute. Enjoy being insured.

Protect what’s most important

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In life, we understand there’s lots to care for. Take the guesswork out of insurance with our trusted service. Get a quote and connect with us. We’ve got you covered — no rain on this parade.

For your home
Explore our options, to keep you feeling safe and secure in your home.

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We make it easy to get your wheels on the road, as soon as you’re ready.

For your life insurance
The customized coverage you need — for your peace of mind.


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