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Home insurance in Ontario

Getting home insurance in Ontario for various properties such as condos, rentals, and vacation homes can protect you from liabilities and damage from external factors. Read on to find out more from Zippo Insurance.

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Home Insurance and Auto InsuranceHome and auto insurance bundles in Ontario

It is always recommended to protect yourself, your home, and your vehicle from liability through reliable home and auto insurance bundles in Ontario. Zippo Insurance outlines the main factors that are covered by our home and auto insurance policies and how they can benefit you.

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Condo insurance in Ontario

Over the last two decades, the housing marketing in Ontario has dramatically changed with condos being one of the most popular and lucrative property types in the province. Not only are they suitable for newlyweds or small families, but even as a downsizing option for the elderly. 


In this regard, condo insurance is gaining popularity as it is more cost-effective than home insurance. Zippo Insurance will cover the following under the umbrella of condo insurance:


1. The structure of the building

2. Cost of replacement

3. Replacement of your possessions (up to the prescribed limit)

4. In case of a disaster, there will be a provision of living expenses if you have to move to a temporary residence

5. Liability


Tenants insurance in Ontario

If you are a renter, tenants insurance from Zippo Insurance is a must for you. We offer coverage for the following:


1. Liability: This cover protects you if you damage your landlord’s property by accident.

2. Fire, theft, and vandalism: All-risk insurance from external factors such as burglary, forest fires, smoke, and more.

3. Water damage: Coverage from accidental water leaks, sewer back-ups, floods, rains, or repeated water seepage.

4. Natural disaster: Coverage from storms, tornados, landslides, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.

5. Belongings: Coverage of the full value of your belongings such as furniture and possessions including those affected by wear or tear.


Rental property insurance in Ontario

Owning a property is an excellent investment. But if you decide to rent out your property, you should be covered by rental property insurance from Zippo Insurance. This can protect you and your property from any issues you may encounter once you are a landlord. So, what does the rental property insurance cover:


1. Dwelling protection: Risk coverage for the structure of the rental property from external factors including fire, smoke, or wind. This includes the deck, patio or garage.

2. Detached private structures: Coverage is also provided to external structures that are detached from the main structure of the rental property.

3. Liability: This protects you if you have been held liable for accidents, injury or death of a third party on your rental property.


Vacation property insurance in Ontario

Vacation property, also known as cottage insurance, provides cover for a property that is not your primary residence such as ski chalets or cottages. The vacation property insurance covers the property and its contents as well liability.


For more information on home insurance in Ontario, contact Zippo Insurance today.

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  • Home insurance works to cover any expenses that occur should something accidental happen to your home or personal belongings, such as a break-in, water damage or fire. 

  • This will depend on the size of your home and the value of your personal property within it. Getting home insurance in Ontario for various properties such as condos, rentals, and vacation homes can protect you from liabilities and damage from external factors. Click here to get started. 

  • Not all that often. It’s a good idea to review your policy when it comes up for renewal, if you’re planning home renovations, if you’ve recently purchased/received high-value items (jewelry, art, etc.) or when you make any changes that could increase the risk of someone getting hurt, such as installing a pool. Getting home insurance in Ontario for various properties such as condos, rentals, and vacation homes can protect you from liabilities and damage from external factors.

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