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Auto insurance in Ontario

Zippo Insurance offers customized and affordable auto insurance options for drivers across Ontario, Canada. Read on to find out more from Zippo Insurance.

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Auto insurance Ontario

zippo-home-insurance and auto insuranceHome and auto insurance bundles in Ontario

It is always recommended to protect yourself, your home, and your vehicle from liability through reliable home and auto insurance bundles in Ontario. Zippo Insurance outlines the main factors that are covered by our home and auto insurance policies and how they can benefit you.

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RV/Motorhome insurance

An RV or motorhome is the perfect recreational vehicle that provides a blend between comfort and adventure, giving you the freedom to travel the length and breadth of the beautiful Canadian landscape. 


Before you hit the road, however, it is important to ensure your recreational vehicle is safeguarded. Zippo Insurance offers RV insurance in Ontario to cover specific liabilities relating to your vehicle. As motorhomes are classified into three classes: A, B, and C, the auto insurance depends on these classes, the value of the vehicle as well as how much it is used.


Classic car insurance

What is considered a classic car in Ontario?


1. It is at least 20 years old.

2. It is not modified.

3. It is showcased in exhibitions or parades.

4. It has not been driven more than 5,000 km/year.


If you have a classic car, you know it is a collector’s item that must be protected at all times. Classic car insurance from Zippo Insurance is offered at a guaranteed/agreed value along with leisure use coverage as well.


Boat insurance

If you have a yacht, sailboat, or speedboat, the comprehensive boat insurance from Zippo Insurance safeguards these during your cruising adventures in domestic or international waters. What does our boat insurance in Ontario include:


1. When there is a total loss, we will pay you the Agreed Value as prescribed in the policy.

2. If equipment or personal property on your boat such as fishing equipment is damaged, we can pay to replace it.

3. Our boat insurance offers emergency assistance and towing services.


Motorcycle insurance

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, you know Ontario has hundreds of hidden gems to explore. But with such adventures, it is important to keep yourself and your bike protected with the right motorcycle insurance. There are different types of coverage offered across provinces in Canada, but these are the basic factors that must be covered in Ontario:


1. Third-party liability: We provide extra coverage in the event of injury or damage to third parties in the event of an accident.

2. Direct compensation: We provide coverage for any damages to your motorcycle, as long as it is not your fault.

3. Accident benefits: We provide coverage if you or a family member is injured or deceased in an accident.


High-risk auto insurance

Drivers in Ontario who have multiple speeding tickets, license suspensions, DUIs, or accidents are considered high-risk. High-risk insurance, also known as non-standard car insurance) is meant to provide such drivers with a second chance but with the right protection in place.


For more information on auto insurance in Ontario, give Zippo Insurance a call today.

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  • Zippo Insurance offers customized and affordable auto insurance options for drivers across the province. Click here and complete the questionnaire to get started.

  • Your age, your gender, where you live, your driving record and the kind of car your drive are some factors that determine the cost of your rates.  Zippo Insurance offers customized and affordable auto insurance options for drivers across the province.

  • Around age 25, your car insurance should become cheaper; it depends on your driving history and the insurance company’s policy.

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