Questions You Should Ask When Looking At Insurance Quotes

Insurance Quotes

Insurance is an investment, so before getting an insurance quote, draft a list of questions you want to ask the insurance company. Using an online service provider such as Zippo Insurance saves time, and you can source multiple quotes from the comfort of your home. Some of the questions you can think about are what you need from the policy, what benefits you get from it, and the maximum premium you can pay.

First-time insurance buyers should find out what the internal complaint handling procedure is of the company they choose to insure with. There might come a time you have a concern about your policy, claim, or dealings with the insurance company or broker, and following the complaint procedure ensures everyone’s rights are protected. What other questions should you ask when looking at insurance quotes?          

What Is My Premium? 

One of the main insurance questions to ask is the amount of the premium. The premium is the sum an individual or business must pay for the policy. There are many types of insurance, including commercial, home, life, healthcare, and auto insurance. Don’t just accept any premium. It will increase in future, and you must be able to carry the increase financially. If you fail to pay a premium, the policy might be cancelled, and you lose coverage.   

Premiums are paid monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually depending on the policy. Some policies even require an upfront payment in full before coverage starts. The price of the premium depends on various factors, including the type of coverage, your age, the area in which you live, claims filed in the past, and possibly your risk profile. 

When you ask about your premium, also ask about the deductibles on the insurance policy you are considering. If you ever need to file a claim, there are often out-of-pocket costs, and you need to know what they are.

Do I Need An Umbrella Policy?

If you are risk-averse, you might want the protection of an umbrella policy. It is a type of personal liability insurance that covers claims above and beyond that of regular policies such as home and auto insurance. Generally, umbrella insurance covers the policyholder and other family members. Its purpose is to provide for claims due to injury to others or damage to their property, but it does not protect the policyholder’s property. 

Insurance questions you could further ask are, what is the cost of an umbrella policy? It depends on the coverage you purchase, the area where you live, and the risk insuring you poses to the insurance company. An insurance company will probably not issue an umbrella policy unless you are highly-insured on your home and auto insurance policies.  

Am I Eligible For Any Discounts?

Always ask an insurance person if you are eligible for any discounts. There are often insurance discounts available, but you will not receive them unless you enquire. A regular policy holder should, in principle, ask about discounts during the yearly policy review period, particularly when you know there were no claims made and that your credit and risk record is good.

Do you have insurance policies with various companies? Find out if you can save on costs by purchasing them from the same company (bundling). Car insurance is often an area where discounts are available. Maybe you must add specific safety equipment or anti-theft devices to your car to get a discount. An approved defensive driving course is always a good option, especially when you drive a lot for work. You will feel safer and possibly qualify for a discount.        

Zippo Insurance will find the most competitive quotes for you in under five minutes after completing our questionnaire. With us, no question is too small, and no situation too tricky to insure. For high-quality service when you need an insurance quote, contact Zippo Insurance today