Challenges For Insurance Companies

Challenges For Insurance Companies

Insurance is an essential financial service in our modern society. As much as individuals, businesses and other entities may wish they did not need to purchase insurance, the truth is that they do. Insurance keeps roofs over people’s heads and keeps businesses running when disaster strikes. Despite their essential place in the economy, insurance companies are not always in a secure position themselves. They face a number of threats and challenges that they need to overcome to stay in business. Here are five common challenges that insurance companies regularly face.


The insurance market is intensely competitive. There are many firms in the industry, all vying with one another to offer the best cover at the best rates. Every company has to work hard to find its niche, and market itself in such a way that it differentiates itself from its competitors. Finding unique selling points is not always easy for insurers. Established companies may rely on their track record and reputation, but they will still have a fight on their hands when a new player comes in and undercuts them on rates while offering similar products. On the other hand, newer, smaller companies have to market themselves much more carefully relative to established firms, to win the trust of consumers.

Not Enough Knowledgeable Employees 

Insurance is a complex business, covering legal, financial and actuarial matters, as well as the concerns of the customers themselves. While the industry may take in many new agents and brokers, it can tend to lose more experienced and knowledgeable employees. The knowledge that makes a great insurance agent is not easily acquired and often takes years of work and experience. Newcomers have all the basic training, as well as the will and enthusiasm to succeed, but they will need to work for years to gain all the knowledge they need. Retaining experienced professionals is a continual challenge for the industry. This problem is made worse by the fact that many non-professionals are constantly entering the industry. Many insurance firm owners believe that it is enough to have knowledge of the finance industry as a whole, without needing specialized training. 


Digitalization is the most important trend across all industries, not just insurance. For some time, several sectors within the industry have avoided the pressure to go digital, but this is no longer the case. Larger, better-established insurers are pushing hard to take full advantage of digital technology, and that means that smaller and medium-sized companies have a tough time keeping up.

Poor Administration

Mismanagement is a common fault among insurance firms. Unfortunately, some aspects of poor administration can be kept hidden for a while, which only allows them to grow out of control and eventually come to light. Over time, client complaints and financial mismanagement will gather size and momentum. If the company is not transparent about its issues, it will quickly lose clients. If it fails to correct its administration faults, both the company and its clients could experience unrecoverable losses.

Lost Trust

Trust is absolutely essential in the insurance industry. Consumers make monthly payments to insurance companies, acting in good faith, in the hope that insurers will keep up their end of the bargain when the time comes to claim. As a result, insurers must win and maintain their customers’ trust. Failure to do so is often a terminal error for an insurance company.

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