What Not To Do When Filing An Insurance Claim

Filing an insurance claim for the first time? You might know this, but certain things should not be done in insurance claims. If you make the wrong move, you will risk not getting the cash you need for healthcare or the money you need to pay for damages. So, how do you protect your claim? Easy. Follow these steps on what NOT to do when filing an insurance claim right.

Not Informing Your Insurer Immediately

Haste makes waste. Delaying may make your insurance company assume that you aren’t injured as badly as you say you are. They may also assume that you’re lying to them about the extent of the damage your vehicle or property incurred. After all, why would you delay an insurance claim for such serious issues? Contact your insurer as soon as possible. Doing this will also help you to recall the events more clearly and you may find some evidence that helps your case. 

There are also legalities involved with timing. An insurance policy may also have a period for claims. If you fail to file an insurance claim within this time, you may risk your insurer denying you coverage. Also double-check your policy and when in doubt, file a claim sooner than later.

Saying It is Your Fault

Were you involved in an accident where someone else was injured? Did anyone besides you have property damage? Don’t admit liability just yet. There could be a fault behind these damages that wasn’t linked to you. If you admit liability, you won’t find out the real cause of the fault. You will likely lose any defense that you have. According to most insurance laws, your claims process will not be processed if you admit a fault so you’ll lose out on the money that you deserve.

Getting Rid Of What Is Damaged

Don’t be tempted to clean up after a fire or damage. You need to have the property available for examination. If you get rid of the mess, you will lose all the evidence you need to process a claim. The claim payment for auto accidents has similar policies. A vehicle will be inspected by an insurer, along with any records that you have of the accidents, such as photos and videos. Even with evidence, it’s best to not do any repairs yourself or mess with the damage until an insurer has inspected it.

Avoiding The Police

Did anyone break the law? If a law has been broken, the police have to be contacted. You should always call the police if an accident has occurred. Even if it is not required in the city you’re in, a police report can have a lot of benefits for you. An insurer will need proof of loss and reporting the incident to the police will help you to verify that your claim is legit. 

Losing Track Of Your Claim

Delays can happen but don’t sit around and wait for a phone call. You can go years without a claim if you don’t take action. Follow up on your claim by phone or email and keep checking in to see how the progress is going. 

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